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MMA Quick Quote: Jason Guida and Bobby Lashley get into it at pre-fight presser

"I’m really pumped for it. I want to thank Bobby (Lashley) for taking the fight. I’m going to do it. Everyone’s going to see a good show. We’re going to do something March 21st. I didn’t say half but meant all of it (quotes in the release that Lashley previously read)…. I’ve never seen you put anybody to sleep…. This is for real. How long have you been faking? How long in the WWE? How long has it been since somebody hit you on the chin for real?"

-- Jason Guida and Bobby Lashley get into a war of words at the final pre-fight press conference for "March Badness" — a hybrid mixed martial arts and boxing pay-per-view (PPV) event being put on by former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. this Saturday, March 21, from the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida. Guida stepped up on short notice to fill-in for the suspended Ken Shamrock (steroids) and has since kept a steady drumbeat of trash talk to help hype the match against the former WWE superstar and absolute shredded monster/collegiate wrestling specimen. Jones had to actually step between Guida and Lashley as the exchange became heated -- Lashley pushed Guida as it nearly came to blows. This is getting good.

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