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Programming reminder: 'Sengoku 7' to air live via HDNet on March 20

Tune in this Friday, March 20 for "HDNet Fights Presents: World Victory Road: Sengoku 7" from the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. The stacked mixed martial arts event airs LIVE at 3:00 a.m. ET with a special encore presentation at 10 p.m. ET for all you sleepyheads and chislers who refuse to shell out the few extra clams for a DVR.

World Victory Road's "Seventh Battle" will feature Hatsu Hioki, Hideki Kadowaki, L.C. Davis, Nick Denis, and twelve other combatants in the first round of the Sengoku Featherweight Grand Prix - plus undefeated Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal takes on Ryo Kawamura in the main event of the evening.

In addition, former PRIDE and EliteXC competitor (and the man who almost kept UFC 97 out of Canada) James Thompson will do battle with MARS veteran Jim York on the main card.

The bout order for Sengoku 7 is as follows:

Muhammed Lawal (3-0) vs. Ryo Kawamura (9-3-2)
Hatsu Hioki (17-3-2) vs. Chris Manuel (6-0-2)
Nam Phan (14-5) vs. Hideki Kadowaki (13-8-2)
James Thompson (14-9) vs. Jim York (9-2)
L.C. Davis (13-1) vs. Michihiro Omigawa (4-7-1)
Matt Jaggers (9-4) vs. Marlon Sandro (12-0)
Kim Jong Man (3-5-3) vs. Masanori Kanehara (11-5-5)
Jung Chan Sung (2-0) vs. Shintaro Ishiwatari (6-1-3)
Tetsuya Yamada (3-0) vs. Ronnie Mann Ushiwaka (16-1-1)
Nick Denis (6-0) vs. Seiya Kawahara (6-1)

The Grand Prix quarterfinals will be held at Sengoku "Eighth Battle" on May 2 from the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. The semifinals and finals are expected to take place this summer.

To get up to speed on all things Sengoku, head over to our archive here.

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