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'Grease Gate' update: NSAC to review UFC 94 main event controversy today

And Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Executive Director, Keith Kizer, shares he pre-hearing thoughts with on what could happen:

"The main thing here [for Tuesday’s hearing] is let’s see what happened in the fight and let’s find out what happened from Phil [Nurse] and Greg [Jackson], what happened and why it happened. Secondly, let’s figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Now whether it goes beyond that is up to the commissioners -- and it may or may not.... What I see happening is something along these lines: a very strict warning to Phil, a warning to everybody that there’s no place for this, and maybe something [determined] along the lines that every corner can have one designated Vaseline guy and that guy can not touch the fighter anywhere else on his body, except for his face, until the end of the fight."

NSAC meets today (Tuesday, March 17) to review and discuss what happened between rounds during the UFC 94: "St. Pierre vs. Penn 2" main event between UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre and UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn. Kizer essentially throws water on the formal complaint that Penn and his legal team recently submitted, which requested that "Rush" be forced to take a shower, among other things, before his future fights. He says, in so many words, that it's not going to happen. In addition, don't expect to be the fight to be ruled a "No Contest." On the contrary, Kizer predicts perhaps a verbal reprimand of the cornermen and some ideas about how to ensure a "greasing" incident never happens again. For more background on "Grease Gate" click here. We'll pass along any and all information from today's NSAC hearing as soon as possible.

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