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MMA Quick Quote: Bobby Lashely in for a 'rude awakening' against Jason Guida

"I’m always training and this has become my MO. I do a lot of short notice fights, where I’ve been most successful, and this fight fell into my lap. I’ve always made the best of it and I plan on doing the same Saturday night in Pensacola. I want to fight the top guys; Lashley may not be a top guy but he’s a top name, and beating him will put me on the map again.... I definitely see my experience being a huge factor. But Lashley has less experience than Kimbo and I have more than Seth had. I don’t know if Seth (he stopped Kimbo in the opening round) was set to go three rounds, but I’m ready to finish Lashley or outpoint him. I was training for a fight that fell-out in February and I just kept training. Size doesn’t matter. I’ve had my best fights against big guys and put my hands on guys bigger than Bobby. I wrestled (UFC heavyweight champion) Brock Lesnar in junior college. I don’t think Lashley has the background or knows how to put his body into MMA as well as Lesnar. MMA is new to Bobby. I don’t have anything against him. Someday he could be good for MMA. I welcome him, after I beat him, to work at our club (Hellhouse) to learn how to fight. Lashley’s going to find out that this is MMA not WWE. He’s in for a rude awakening, which probably will be a good thing -- he’ll be fighting a real MMA guy. I don’t wish him any ill harm, in fact, I wish him the best because beating him will look even better if he goes on to succeed in MMA."

-- Last minute replacement Jason Guida -- who will fill-in for the suspended Ken Shamrock (steroids) -- talks up his upcoming clash with former WWE superstar and absolute shredded monster/collegiate wrestling specimen, Bobby Lashley, at "March Badness" from the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Fla., on March 21. Guida (17-19) — brother of UFC lightweight contender Clay Guida — recently squandered perhaps the biggest opportunity of his fighting career when he was booted off the first episode of "The Ultimate Fighter" (TUF) 8 for failing to make the 205-pound division limit. This is apparently his chance at redemption. Oh boy.

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