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Remember that meeting Fedor Emelianenko was supposed to have with Dana White in June?

Well, according to a new interview on with the Russian Emperor's manager, Vadim Finkelchtein, it appears that something was lost in translation:

"No, it was stated that he hopes that he or his management will get a chance to talk with Dana in June. Fedor is always ready to meet up with Dana White..... [Fighting Randy Couture] is all up to the UFC. The fight is possible if UFC is willing to contact. I don't think such bout could take place as soon as June since Affliction and M-1 plan to hold their third joint event that month."

Oh well. We're probably way beyond the point where we should assume that Emelianenko will likely never see action inside the Octagon, but it's worth passing along the latest let down nonetheless. It appears that Emelianenko will continue to remain outside the organization and do it his way, which for now is fighting the top competition not under contract with the UFC. The Wamma Heavyweight Champion will likley headline the next Affliction show opposite Josh Barnett sometime this summer. After that there are not many top contenders left.

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