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Dana White pays tribute to Charles 'Mask' Lewis Jr.

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"You couldn’t meet a nicer guy, a more friendly, outgoing guy, a more loyal guy. He really was a good person. He’s one of the pioneers, one of the legends of this sport. This guy was selling T-shirts out of the trunk of his car and when we first got involved with the UFC, we met them. We really liked them, we liked their energy. They were good people and we got together and we started doing all this grassroots marketing together - the UFC and Tapout. They were very loyal to us and we were very loyal to them. And it sucks to see a guy who has worked so hard his whole life, to finally make it and break through, and then have something like this happen to him."

-UFC President Dana White comments to the Canadian Press regarding the untimely death of Charles 'Mask' Lewis Jr., founder of the popular multi-million dollar MMA clothing line and television show TapouT. Lewis was killed Wednesday morning when his Ferrari was invloved in a multi-vehicle car crash. The accident is still under investigation.

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