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Yves Lavigne: 'I screwed up' during Matt Brown vs Pete Sell at UFC 96

Props: The Canadian Press


"I did let Mr. Sell take maybe -- not maybe -- I let him take a beating for absolutely nothing. So I didn't do my job properly. So basically, I screwed up. I screwed up and I'm going to learn from it and try not to do it again. ... I'm going to make sure not to do it again."

This mea culpa from Yves LaVigne will perhaps make Dana White feel a little better. The company president was incensed when the Canadian referee let the fight between Matt Brown and Pete Sell carry on longer than it should, smashing his arm into the canvas (and hurting it) to encourage LaVigne to call a hault to the bout sooner. Brown went on to win the welterweight bout shortly thereafter via technical knockout when LaVigne finally intervened. "Drago" went to the hospital emergency room as a precaution. He checked out fine and even mentioned that Lavigne let him continue as long as he did, saying "I thought he did good with that ..." in his thick Long Island brogue.

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