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Rashad Evans to find kinks in Lyoto Machida's armor possibly at UFC 98



"The kid’s been phenomenal. He’s been better than phenomenal. He’s been looking better every fight. But that’s the fight business. That’s the fun part about a fight is the fact that you go in there with an opponent that sometimes seems insurmountable. But then you figure it out and that makes the victory that much sweeter. With that said, there may be some kinks in his armor that I have yet to see that I can exploit when I look at the tapes more closely. Nobody’s unbeatable. Machida’s been looking slicker than I don’t know what, but everybody has a weakness even if you do look slick as oil. Everyone has a weakness."

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans talks about undefeated division contender, Lyoto Machida. "Sugar" feels that despite an epic post-UFC 96 jawing session with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson this weekend that at the end of the day he'll fight the quirky Brazilian at UFC 98 on May 23. Evans is basing this assumption, however, on Jackson's remarks about the fight possibly being too soon and that he wanted more time for lingering injuries to heal. If Jackson wants the fight it is his to take, but Machida is patiently waiting in the wings if the Memphis, Tenn., native passes on the opportunity to reclaim his 205-pound title in two months, which would be his third fight in five months. We should know one way or the other very soon.

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