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UFC Quick Quote: Quinton Jackson doesn't care what Joe Rogan wants to see in a fight

"You telling me that Joe Rogan is criticizing me telling me that I'm just boxing, who cares, it's MMA. I can do whatever I want to do. It's my fight, right? It's my fight style. I can come out doing kung-fu if I wanted to. Who cares? Joe Rogan's a jiu-jitsu guy. I noticed he's kind of biased toward jiu-jitsu guys. I'm not a jiu-jitsu guy. You can ask most fans what they want to see. They want to see people out there rolling around the ground or do they want to see people out there slugging it out?"

-Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson responds to Joe Rogan's UFC 96 commentary via Steve Cofield on Cagewriter following his unanimous decision win over Keith Jardine at the "Jackson vs. Jardine" event on March 8. "Rampage" has been taking some heat for his performance against "The Dean of Mean," but nevertheless still walked out of The Nationwide Arena a winner last Saturday with a chance to challenge Rashad Evans for the 205-pound strap at UFC 98 on May 23. After all, a win is a win...or is it?

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