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Mise-en-Lean: Arranging your physique through the science ofsports nutrition

I've got good news and bad news for all my fellow East Coast pimps. The good news is, the warm weather is almost here. The bad news?

The warm weather is almost here.

I know there are a diligent few who took my advice from earlier columns and behaved during the cold weather, when beer guts and flabby arms can stay hidden under puffy ski jackets. But I also know there are a handful of naughty folks who are still shooting M&M's like some kind of corpulent pill-popper.

No worries.

Feel It! Nutrition is here to rescue you from yourself with their incomparable Lean Stack. Now that you're back in the gym and doing what you're supposed to be doing, the boys over at Feel It! Nutrition are going to supercharge your weight loss and help get you cut with the science of sports nutrition.

This also applies to high performance athletes, especially fighters, who have the unenviable task of dropping a significant amount of weight in order to stay within their division come weigh-in time.

By starting Lean Stack about thirty days out from competition, you can say goodbye to the sauna, the crash dieting and the treadmill. By working with your body in conjunction with your training regimen and nutritional blueprint, the stored fat cells get released in a safe and timely manner.

By the time weigh-ins roll around, you’ll already be sitting pretty. So don’t change the way you train, change the way you prepare.

Let technology do the work for you.

Part of the appeal of Lean Stack is the fact that you can get everything in one shot without roaming around GNC like a bewildered tourist. The Feel It! Nutrition experts have already done the research and assembled the most comprehensive stack for burning fat and retaining lean muscle.

Lean Stack consists of the following cutting-edge supplements:

Strength Prohormone: LG Sciences Methyl Masterdrol V2 (90 Capsules)
Testosterone Booster: LG Sciences Formadrol Extreme (60 Capsules)
Protein Powder: BSN, Inc. Syntha-6 (2.91 lb tub)
Thermogenic: BSN, Inc. Atro-Phex (98 Capsules)
Antioxidant: TWINLAB Alpha Lipoic Acid (60 Capsules)

If you’re looking to cut weight prior to competition without jeopardizing your strength and lean muscle, or if you just want to shed those few extra pounds that have survived your onslaught of physical exertion, give Lean Stack a try.

It could even affect the outcome of your next fight.

Who has the advantage: The fighter doing a light workout the morning of the weigh-ins or the fighter who is shriveling up inside a sauna with just a prayer and a rubber suit?

Get lean. Get Lean Stack.

Don’t delay, this sale ends March 12.

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