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UFC Quick Quote: Matt Hamill vs Mark Munoz will not be a wrestling match at UFC 96

"It’s a great matchup for me. Wrestler versus wrestler. But it’s not gonna be a wrestling match. It’s gonna be, I feel like, whomever has adjusted to MMA better. That’s going to win the fight. All the in-between techniques. The transitions between wrestling and other disciplines. It’s going to be an interesting fight. I’d like it to be exciting. I know Matt Hamill’s gonna want to stand. In a lot of fights, he uses his wrestling sporadically. I like to use wrestling to set up other things. I think obviously his strength is his takedowns. But I haven’t seen much ground game from him. I’ve seen a lot of front headlock punches, and once he gets guys tired and worn down, he’s like a juggernaut. He keeps coming forward. He wears them out with those front headlock punches, dirty boxing punches. Uses wrestling to tire the guys out, but I haven’t really seen him doing ground-and-pound when he’s in guard or half-guard.... I haven’t seen much ground (work) from him. Obviously, his standup’s gotten a lot better. His weaknesses are, I believe, in his ground game on his back. Nobody’s ever put him there. So yeah, I’m looking to put him on his back."

-- Mark Munioz -- a former NCAA Division I national champion from Oklahoma State University -- tells that his upcoming fight against Matt Hamill -- a three-time NCAA Division III national champion from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) -- at UFC 96: "Jackson vs. Jardine" from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, on March 7 will not turn into a wrestling match. He intends to put him The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 3 alum on his back and beat him up. Can he do it?

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