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Marcus Davis would like Dan Hardy to stand and trade or shut his mouth

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"He’s one of those guys that’s looking to build his name and stir up things. He’s all Hollywood and stuff so whatever. The guy keeps running his mouth and he reminds me a lot of when I fought Jess Liaudin, but he’s pushing it further. If the UFC makes that fight, I will be looking forward to it ... he’s riding high on the fact that he just knocked out Rory Markham, but he’s got normal power in his punches, like an average MMA fighter, but he doesn’t have my kind of power in his punches and he’ll find that out if we fight ... I think that he’s smoking crack because he can’t stand and trade with me. He won’t stand and trade with me because he would be on his back and if he’s on his back, then I would be on top smashing his face into dust like I said before ... I’ve heard him take shots at my speed or whatever, that I’m not that quick. Well, whatever; we’ll find out. I’m fast enough to catch him. He’s had 2 fights in the UFC and won’t shut his mouth."

-UFC welterweight Marcus Davis (16-4) responds to some recent criticism from fellow 170-pound striker Dan Hardy (21-6). "The Outlaw" mentioned wanting to fight "The Irish Hand Grenade" numerous times in his post-fight interviews following UFC 95 and it seems as though his rhetoric may have worked. Davis told UFC matchmaker Joe Silva to set it up for UFC 99 at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany, on June 13. Neither the Davis nor Hardy have ever been stopped by strikes in their respective mixed martial arts careers, however that could all change in at some point in 2009 … at least for one fighter.

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