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Dana White: Georges St. Pierre the victim of a stupid cornerman at UFC 94

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"I think that using grease or Vaseline is completely illegal, but in this case I don’t think it made a difference in that fight. I know Georges St. Pierre. He’s not a cheater. He wanted this fight so bad to prove that he was the best fighter in the world. He completely dominated that fight. It had nothing to do with grease…. The athletic commission is looking into it. You can not rub grease on any part of the body besides the face. [The commission] took all our camera work from all the different angles and is looking into it. This is the case of a stupid cornerman. The cornerman did it and he is going to be held accountable for it…. Anything can happen to his cornerman -- everything from a fine to never being able to work in the corner again."

UFC President Dana White was on a popular radio station in Boston, Mass., this morning to address "Grease Gate" at UFC 94: "St. Pierre vs. Penn 2" this weekend. He is confident that welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre had no intentions of "cheating" against BJ Penn and that he is merely the victim of a stupid cornerman, Phil Nurse. He indicates that the outcome of the fight, which was a four-round drubbing that ended via technical knockout, should not and will not be changed. However, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is taking the situation very serious and could come down hard on Nurse. White also mentions that he wants to match up Penn against Boston-area native Kenny Florian as soon as possible. And he'd love to do it in Massachusetts if the laws permit.

(Thanks to long-time supporter "DJ Pullout" for the heads up.)