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Tom Atentio: Rumors are false; Affliction MMA here to stay

tom atencio affliction

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"The rumors are just that, rumors, they're not true, there's no truth to it.... I have Donald Trump behind me, I have Golden Boy Promotions behind me, I have M-1, where are we going? People love to build you up, but they love to watch you fall even more and hopefully I'm not that guy. I've always maintained that I've taken the high road, I don't talk shit about people. I have a lot going on right now with Trump, Golden Boy and M-1 and things are moving forward.... Right now, I'm learning a lot about this business. I've been honest from day one and right now, I'm going to sit down with Golden Boy, M-1 and Mr. Trump and we're going to figure out how we're going forward. We're going to do events every three or four months. The bottom line is, this is only our second event, let me learn, let me do what I'm doing, but I must be doing something right because someone is starting these rumors."

Affliction Entertainment Group Vice President, Tom Atencio, today took to the late-night airwaves to squash rumors that pegged his promotion as being "done." Speculation has swirled that the upstart promotion is hemorraghing money after high-priced shows such as "Banned" and "Day of Reckoning" and is looking for a way out of the fight game. Not so fast, says Mr. Atencio, there is more to come.

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