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BJ Penn kicks out Spike TV production crew for 'Primetime Live'

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"I really didn’t like how I was portrayed in the first episode. It was ridiculous, actually. I told them that if you keep doing this these cameras aren’t going to come around anymore so you guys better straighten up your act…. It’s just really funny how they try to portray everything like I was a spoiled slacker and a liar [growing up], but whatever … what can you do. All you can do is kick the cameras out. They got kicked out for awhile, but they are trying to make amends."

UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn reveals that he and the Spike TV production crew are at loggerheads regarding his portrayal on the first episode of "UFC Primetime," which is a $1.7 million three-part promotional series for his upcoming super fight against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94 on January 31. UFC President Dana White made a call to "The Prodigy’s" brother, JD Penn, during the premier, checking up on the Hawaiian after he got wind of an apparent vacation that BJ was taking at a critical time in his training. His trainer, Rudy Valentino, insisted it was much ado about nothing and White is simply creating drama where none exists. Apparently that set the stage for this latest development. Stay tuned to see if the two sides can makes amends before the third and final episode next week. In the meantime, enjoy episode two tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Spike TV.

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