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UFC Fight Night 16 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Fight for the Troops' event Dec. 10

UFC Fight Night 16: "Fight for the Troops" is set to go off LIVE tonight (December 10) from the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of the three-hour special, beginning with the 9 p.m. ET Spike TV telecast. In addition, we will deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of the under card action at around 7:30 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the broadcast to share their thoughts on the action. In the meantime, feel free to leave your fight predictions and other show-related thoughts in the comments sections below.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Fight for the Troops."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 16 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Josh Koscheck defeats Yoshiyuki Yoshida via knockout (Strikes) Round 1
Mike Swick defeats Johnathan Goulet via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
Steve Cantwell defeats Razak Al-Hassan via TKO (Referee stoppage due to Armbar) Round 1
edeur defeats Nate Loughran via TKO (Referee Stoppage) Round 2
Jim Miller defeats Matt Wiman via Unanimous Decision
Luigi Fioravanti defeats Brodie Farber via unanimous decision
Steve Bruno defeats Johnny Rees via submission (rear naked choke) in round two
Ben Saunders defeats Brandon Wolff via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
Dale Hartt defeats Corey Hill via technical knockout (leg injury) in round two
Justin McCully defeats Eddie Sanchez via unanimous decision


Druby here ready for some free MMA. Hopefully we luck out with some good competitive fights so sick back and enjoy Maniacs.

Josh Koscheck vs. Yoshiyuki "Zenko" Yoshida (170-pound limit)

First round: Koz with a big right but misses. Not much action to start just alot of dancing. Nice right from Koz. Yoshida with a front kick. Big right from Koz. Yoshida backs off a little. Nice right from Koz and now Yoshidas ear is bleeding a bit. Koz lands a BOMB and Yoshida is out on his feet and Koz throws another BOMB and Yoshida is out cold and his limbs are stiff. He is out cold. Brutal KO from Koz.

Final result: Josh Koscheck defeats Yoshiyuki Yoshida via knockout (Strikes) Round 1


Mike Swick vs. Jonathan Goulet (170-pound limit)

First round: Swick charging forward looking pretty aggressive. BIG left hook and HUGE right from Swick and Goulet is dropped, Swick starts throwing a barrage of punches!!! Goulet is grabbing for a leg but now Swick is pounding away on his face and thats it the ref stops it!!! Goulet is literally out cold, his eyes are rolling into the back of his head. WOW, Swick shows why hes nicknamed "Quick" and KO's Goulet in devastating and lighting fast fashion.

Final result: Mike Swick defeats Johnathan Goulet via TKO (Strikes) Round 1


Steve Cantwell vs. Razak Al-Hussan (205-pound limit)

First round: Hassan with a big kick then jab. Good combo from Hassan. Cantwell with a big left. Hassan very awkward style and Cantwell trying to feel it out. Cantwell with a take down and now is in side control. Cantwell mounts. This could be trouble for Hassan. Big arm bar for Cantwell but Hassan is refusing to tap out. Hassan trying to escape. Hassan still refusing to tap and thats it Mario Yamasaki stops it. WOW that looked gruesome Hassan refused to tap out and the Ref stopped it. It looked like he broke his arm or the elbow was dislocated. That was a gruesome arm bar finish. Good win for Cantwell but lets hope Hassan is ok. He looks stunned and his arm looks to be badly injured.

Final result: Steve Cantwell defeats Razak Al-Hassan via TKO (Referee stoppage due to Armbar) Round 1


Nate Loughran vs. Tim Credeur (185-pound limit)

First round: Inside leg kick from Nate. Nice left hook overhand right combo from Credeur. Jab hook form Credeur. Leg kick from Loughran. Loughran with a brief take down attempt Credeur stuffs it and then lands a good knee to the stomach. Clinched against the fence. Another knee from Credeur. Nice head kick from Credeur. Loughran with a brief body clinch. Nice left hook right hook combo from Credeur. Hes throwing wild punches but hes landing them flush. Nice jab from Credeur. Big right from Credeur. Loughran with a left hook. Front kick from Nate. Big overhand right from Credeur, then a big wild left. Hes throwing hay makers from behind his ass. Body kick from Credeur. Superman punch from Credeur. Two nice rights from Tim. Jab from Credeur. WOW BIG right haymaker from Credeur then a good left hook and then a left right combo!!! WOW big time punches slow and predictable but their landing on point. Thats the bell, Credeur dominant in that round with his wild striking, 10-9 Credeur.

Second round: In between rounds Randy Coture gets a HUGE ovation loudest the crowd has been all night. Leg kick from Loughran. Loughran shoots, and now Credeur lands on top. Loughran with a loose rubber guard. Now full guard for Loughran. Loughran bleeding from his left eye. Elbows from Credeur, the pace has slowed now their playing a chess match on the ground. Credeur passes and now is in side control. Loughran with rubber guard looking to stifle Credeur. Nate now back with full guard. Loughran looks gassed already. Credeur with a left hook. Ref stands them up now. Good choice it was beginning to become painful to watch their stalemate on the ground. Nice right from Tim. Loughran accidentally pokes Credeur in the eye. Leg kick from Tim. Big right from Credeur. Nice left from Credeur. A spattering of boo's from the crowd as this fight has slowed. BIG left from Credeur and Nate looks hurt. Big right from Credeur and left hook and right uppercut. Credeur landing some bombs. Saved by the bell, another 10-9 round for Credeur.

Third round: Thats it, the ref stops the fight. I dont know why it is stopped but it looks to be that Loughran might have a broken rib. Well see what the final verdict is.

Final result: edeur defeats Nate Loughran via TKO (Referee Stoppage) Round 2


Jim Miller vs. Matt Wiman (155-pound limit)

First round: Miller with a solid left then right hook as Wiman slips to the ground. Miller throwing some good combinations. Miller lands a good left right hook combo. Wiman with a big slam take down but he falls right into a guillotine and its deep!! Miller holds the choke and goes into mount. Wiman grabs the trunks and gets warned but he seems content to take the penalty as opposed to go to sleep. Wiman slips out!! Miller lands some big punches to punish the escape. Wiman now with full guard. Miller still landing some good solid punches. Nice elbow from Miller. Cut on the bridge of Wimans nose. Its a big one. Miller posturing up and landing some blows, but Wiman slips out and reverses position and is now on top. Miller with a good up kick. Back to the feet. Wiman lands a good solid right hook flush. 1 minute left. Great body kick then right hook body shot from Miller which makes Wiman grimace. Inside leg kick from Miller. Head kick blocked by Wiman. Superman punch from Miller to close the round. Gotta give it to Miller but these guys are at an amazing pace what a great round of action from start to finish. 10-9 Miller.

Second round: Jab from Miller lands flush. Both fighters exchange right hooks simultaneously. Brief take down from Miller but right back to the feet. Leg kick from Miller. Double right left hook combo from Miller and Wiman looks hurt. Hes stunned thats for sure. Miller now landing punches at will. Big hooks and now a huge knee!!! Flying knee from Miller to the gut. Miller now with a take down and on top. Miller landing some good right punches from top and some vicious hammer fists. Wiman looking for an arm bar. Wiman now with a cut on his forehead. Wiman creating distance with his feet. Miller with a left hook from the top. Hes landing hammer fists at will. Big right from Miller. Wiman looks gassed. WOW a HUGE right bomb from Miller. Wiman with butterfly guard. Elbow from Wiman from the bottom. Hammer fists from Miller are just landing freely. Big elbow from Miller. Wiman doing a good job of preventing the mount but hes taking serious damage. Thats the bell. A dominant round from Miller, 10-9 Miller easy. Honestly could have been 10-8 it was such a lopsided round. Miller is looking extremely impressive on such short notice. Wiman looks beat already.

Third round: Wiman needs a KO to win this fight, but I dont think he has the energy. Wiman comes out guns blazing!!! He lands 4 unanswered big power shots!!! But Miller gets the take down. Wiman to his feet but eats a big left. Great left hook from Wiman!! Miller gets another take down. Wiman with butterfly guard. Nice left hook from Miller. Wiman desperately trying to get back to his feet. Miller cannot pass the guard but hes doing serious damage none the less. Now Miller finally gets to side control, Wiman looks gassed hes taken a bad beating so far. Big left from Miller. Wiman with great guard defense. Back to the feet and Wiman lands a big knee from the clinch. Miller gets an instant take down. He knows hes up and hes avoiding Wimans desperate striking. Wiman back to the feet and then he gets a take down!! But Miller gets Wimans back and has both hooks in. Both men are exhausted. Miller just holding on for dear life and getting his wind back and at the same time winding down the clock b/c he knows he far ahead on the cards. Miller back to the top. Wiman briefly on his feet but Miller takes him right back down. Miller just holding him down and thats the bell. Wow, Miller with a shocking win. Very impressive but hes been on a solid win streak now and having taken this fight on short rest shows this guy has some serious natural talent. Great all around performance. Wiman has his moments but he got stunned early with strikes then the guillotine early was deep and seemed to take the fight out of Wiman, although he did have great guard defense it just wasnt enough for the W. Good fight overall.

Final result: Jim Miller defeats Matt Wiman via Unanimous Decision


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