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Tee Hate Me: UFC 91 t-shirt winners from is finally ready to announce the winners for our UFC 91 related t-shirt contest ... better late than never!

We received more than 200 entries -- unfortunately, several of the links were busted or broken, which narrowed down the possibilities. Nonetheless, we had a ton of good stuff from which to choose.

As always, it wasn't easy to pick the cream of the crop. And more than likely several of you will bitch and moan about the selections. But we don't care. So do us all a favor and keep the complaints to yourself.

Big thanks to everyone who participated -- this was fun. Hopefully, we can do it again real soon. We'd also like to give a shout out to our contest sponsor,, for supplying the funny t-shirt prizes.

Check out the winners after the jump.

First place: "Grembone" who gets to pick four (4) free tees of his choice from for this submission:

Second place: "SpiderSilva" who gets to pick two (2) free tees from for this submission:

Third place: "P-Unit" who gets to pick one (1) free tee from for this submission:

Thanks again to everyone who took part.

For those who feel jipped -- or if the links were busted -- we're willing to giveaway some FREE t-shirts for some honorable mentions. Check out the original entry post right HERE and repost the orginal t-shirt links in the comments section below if you really think we missed something.

If nothing else, remember to once again check for some funny t-shirts. The three winners should email us their addresses and shirt selections as soon as possible.

Note: We're still in the process of getting the Rachelle Leah-signed Playboy magazines to award the winners from our last UFC 90 contest. Hang tight and have some patience -- we'll provide an update as soon as possible.

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