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Programming reminder: TUF on turkey hiatus until Dec. 3

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 8 is taking the week off for Thanksgiving and will not air a new episode in tonight's usual spot at 10pm ET on SpikeTV.

If you can't live without your weekly dose of splushi and human lemonade, I'm happy to report that you can still catch the past four episodes tonight at 8pm ET starting with Episode 7: 'Body Bag'.

Be sure to tune in the following Wednesday, December 3, to catch all four of the semifinal match-ups when episodes 11 and 12 are shown back-to-back.

Not only do we get to see some semifinal butt-kicking, but also the final meltdown of lightweight Junie Browning and the consequences that follow it.

The semifinal matches are (in order):

Ryan Bader vs. Eliot Marshall (LHW)

Phillipe Nover vs. George Roop (LW)

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Vinny Magalhaes (LHW)

Junie Browning vs. Efrain Escudero (LW)

From a fan’s perspective, the semifinals look to be very exciting fights. Aside from perhaps Nover vs. Roop, I can see all of the fights going in either direction. The winners in each respective weight class will face off at The Ultimate Fighter live finale on December 13.

Who gets past the semis and who goes home? Will Junie survive another episode? Find out all this and more at the conclusion of Season 8 on December 3.

See you then!

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