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Summer Kampf: UFC 99 to storm Germany on June 13 of 2009

Not since Nena's luftballons has the number 99 caused such a furor among the German population.

UFC President Dana White, the self-imposed Grim Reaper, is bringing UFC 99 to the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany on June 13 according to

Since the UFC will be making its first appearance in the land of Wiener Schnitzel, it will no doubt be looking to stack it's main event card with some of the worlds most recognizable faces in all of combat sports, including the aging but still popular icons Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture.

In fact, speculation began to swirl earlier this week via a report about "The Iceman" being approached for a possible fourth match-up between the two.

But as "The Natural" explained on MMAmania's exclusive presentation of PRO MMA Radio on Monday night, he hasn't been contacted about his next fight and is not quite ready for that thought process so soon after his loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 91.

Randy, who spent four years of U.S. Army service stationed at the "Fliegerhorst" base of Langendiebach in Erlensee, Germany, wouldn't rule out a return to light-heavyweight, but also mentioned a desire to rematch Lesnar at some point if the fight became available. He has however been vocal about not facing student and current UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin.

Like Couture, the the icy-one has been running out of opponents after his knockout loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 88. A fantasy match-up with current middleweight juggernaut Anderson Silva was the recent flavor of the month, but a lukewarm reception from Dana White and the potential consequences it could have for Liddell's career should he lose make it highly unlikely.

Now with UFC 99 on the horizon, Liddell will more than likely be preserved for a trip overseas. While a pay-per-view seems unlikely after the failed 2004-2006 run with Germany's top pay-TV operator Premiere, network television may also be an uphill battle since it answers to the boxing community.

And we all know how much boxing loves MMA. Almost as much as Samuel Adams loves Reinheitsgebot.

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