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Kimbo Slice the actor to make debut on Nickelodeon's 'Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh' Dec. 5

Just because he lost in 14 seconds to UFC washout and replacement fighter Seth Petruzelli and just because his biggest supporters, Elite XC, aren't around anymore, doesn't mean there isn't still a market for Kimbo Slice.

Indeed, people are interested in his services, but it's not as a fighter (not yet, anyway).

Perhaps this a little hard to believe, but Slice will make his Nickelodeon acting debut on "Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh," which is set to premiere on the kid-friendly network on Friday, December 5 at 8 p.m. ET.

The Christmas special is a television movie based on the popular sitcom, which ran from January 2004 through September of 2007, about two step brothers who are complete opposites but forced to live with each other and become friends because of their parents' marriage.

"Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh" will be the third television movie spin off from the series and the first since the show went off the air a little more than a year ago.

Kimbo will be play a character by the name of "Bludge" -- a bully that struggles with how he should treat people yet somehow helps Drake and Josh keep a promise they made to a group of less fortunate children.

This gig is a far cry from punching people in the face for a living for the infamous street fighter turned professional mixed martial artist. But a fighter's still gotta eat ... this should keep the bread on the table for the time being.

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