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Gobble up great prices during Feel It! Nutritions Thanksgiving SALE

It's Fitness Friday ladies and gentlemen, and since we're rolling into our final weekend before Thanksgiving, I wanted to focus on some of the things we should be thankful for.

First and foremost, we should be thankful that the majority of us that visit this site to indulge our passion for mixed martial arts, are for the most part healthy and happy.

Now being healthy is more than just being able to run a six-minute mile or benching 300 lbs. at the gym. True physical health is a consistent commitment to proper diet and nutrition - and of course plenty of exercise!

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of healthy living is the mental approach to diet and exercise. Since very few of us are in a pre-contest phase of competitive bodybuilding or cutting weight for an MMA fight, we have to recognize the dangers of overextending our goals.

Part of my weekly regimen includes a mandatory cheat day. For me, I train hard and eat healthy Monday through Saturday. Once Sunday comes, I do everything I longed for during the previous week.

I sleep in. I lay around the house and put sugar in my coffee. I gorge on those insanely delicious rich frosted donuts from Entenmann's.

Hey, I've earned it!

The purpose of my cheat day is twofold. Not only do I satisfy the pent-up food cravings from my days of strict dieting, but it allows my body a day to refresh itself.

In short, it adds a level of sanity to my weekly routine.

It's so easy to get burned out if you have nothing to look forward to. Part of what gets me through the week is knowing that Sunday will be there for me.

In addition, I keep a food diary with me as I'm dieting. Every time I have a craving for something taboo, I mark it in my diary so that when Sunday comes I can provide myself the opportunity to indulge.

Most of the time the craving is gone by then, but again, knowing I have that net does wonders for my commitment.

This time of the year can be particularly challenging. The Holidays dominate our culture from Halloween through New Year's, and nothing can derail your goals like Thanksgiving leftovers or a plate of scrumptious Christmas cookies.

Don't panic.

You can still enjoy the Holidays by getting creative with your regimen. Instead of Sunday, next week's cheat day for me will be on Thursday so that I can get the most enjoyment out of my Holiday.

The gym might be closed, but I'll get plenty of exercise in a hot kitchen slaving over a turkey that insists on drying itself out no matter what scientific methods I apply.

But at least I'll have a bottle of Riesling to keep me company.

Now I'm not suggesting you hang up your goals like a stocking over the fireplace, but don't be afraid to enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends during the Holidays.

Let's face it, most Holiday interaction revolves around food. You can either gorge on the homemade offerings and cry yourself to sleep, or you can cheat in moderation with a clear conscience.

How do you differentiate between the two?

Enjoying Holiday foods without guilt is easy when the majority of your diet consists of healthy eating and you haven't abandoned your exercise.

By staying committed to your fitness goals and not using the excess of food as an excuse to eat like a Tyrannosaur, you can skate through the holidays with little to no damage to your physique.

You remain healthy, but more importantly, you remain happy.

The second reason we should be thankful this Holiday season is that the kind folks over at Feel It! Nutrition are offering the loyal readers of MMAmania.com10% off All Orders Over $100!

Unfortunately this limited-time offer comes with a catch: We're only offering it to people who agree to remain committed to their fitness goals during the holiday season.

If you're ready to keep your focus and stay dedicated, then head over to Feel It! Nutrition and enter the promocode "thanksgiving10" at checkout.

What a great way to save money on some of the most cutting-edge supplements.

Don’t worry about trying to figure out which nutritional supplements are going to help you maintain your current fitness goals. The Feel It! Nutrition experts have already done the research for you and assembled some of the most comprehensive stacks available to help you achieve almost any fitness goal.

Looking to get huge? Why not give the mighty Bulk Stack a try. Or perhaps you are already of considerable girth and want to get lean. No problem. Feel It! Nutrition created Lean Stack with you in mind.

Of course no MMA blog would be complete without the highly acclaimed MMA Stack. Designed for fighters, by fighters.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the MMAmaniacs. Be sure to take advantage of the Thanksgiving sale over at Feel It! Nutrition, their way of saying thanks to all of their loyal customers.

And if you're tempted to go for a second slice of pumpkin pie, remember, you are (and look like) what you eat!

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