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Dana White elaborates on Jon Fitch release and stance on AKA ...

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... and he's clearly not as heated as last night but still miffed:

"This is not an attack on Jon Fitch. It's not an attack on any one fighter. We have chosen not to do business with this camp called AKA. These guys have never, ever, ever treated us like partners. They're always fighting over stupid, stupid (stuff) and negotiating over stuff that makes no sense. They're negotiating like they've got Mel Gibson and this thing is the biggest movie ever being made. You know what I'm saying? The reality is, we're not even sanctioned in Massachusetts or New York ... (and) we're going into all these different countries trying to do these different things. And I've got these guys that basically don't want to be partners with me. You've got morons — morons — that are running these fighters' lives. But to tell you the truth, one of the fighters from AKA called me and said, "Listen, I don't care what these managers say or what they're doing. I make my own decisions and my decision is, I'm with you. I'm your partner, I'm in.' And this was before we even told AKA we wouldn't be doing business with them any more. So this really isn't an attack on Jon Fitch or any personal fighter. We're just choosing not to do business with AKA any more. We're not going to do business with them. And listen, there's other guys out there that they can go do business with; they're just not going to do business with me. Now there's rumors out there, I know, about, 'It's over a video game deal. It's over the ancillary rights agreement. It's over this, that.'It's over a lot of different things. It's not one specific fighter or one specific thing. It's about a lot of different things with a lot of these fighters. And you know what? This is more than just AKA. There's other camps out there that we're having trouble doing business with. And at the end of the day, this is a business. We run a business just like any other business. You come in, you do your job with your company and you get paid. And the guys that don't want to do business with you — then go work somewhere else. It's as easy as that. You don't have to do business with us. There's other people out there you can do it with."

Check out the full article from USA Today right here. Draw your own conclusions in the comments section below.

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