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(Way) Over the top: UFC creator launches full contact arm wrestling tournament

Somewhere out there Rick Zumwalt is rolling over in his grave.

UFC creator Art Davie has decided to add a new and bizarre entry into the world of combat sports with his newest creation: The XARM Heavyweight Tournament.

Set to debut on November 19 in San Bernardino, California and televised live on, the XARM Tournament does what drunk people have been doing in bars and saloons for over a hundred years: Arm wrestling and kicking ass.

Think of Bull Hurley's cheap shot on Lincoln Hawk in the finals of Over the Top and you pretty much have the premise for his entire sport.

Either that or Davie was sitting around the house getting high and contemplating which sport he could put an X in front of to capitalize on the popularity of televised fighting.

Here's what to expect, courtesy of

An XARM bout features 3 one-minute rounds with athletes tethered to the XARM table in a belted harness. The combatants' grip hands are strapped together and fighting gloves are worn on their free hands. Punching, striking, kicking, chokeholds, and submission moves are all part of the official XARM rules. The winner of the match is the first athlete to pin his opponent's arm, knock him out or make him submit.

Earlier this year we were treated to YAMMA Pit Fighting, the bastard child of another UFC pioneer in Bob Meyrowitz. Considering how well that panned out, the chances for Davie and his vision of killer handshakes are a bit bleak.

Still, it's going to be available for free on the Internet, so I'm willing to give it a fair shake. What else is there to watch on Wednesday nights?

Oh, right.

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