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MMA Quick Quote: Donald Trump and Affliction MMA look to distance themselves further from Todd Beard

"Todd Beard was not and has never been an officer, director or shareholder of Affliction Entertainment. The dispute between Mr. Beard and the Coutures stemmed from a long-standing relationship with the clothing line Xtreme Couture. In no way, shape or form does this relationship have any effect on Mr. Trump or the Affliction Entertainment Company. Donald J. Trump and Affliction Entertainment intend on continuing its pursuit to become the premier mixed martial arts league and look forward to the next event scheduled for January 2009."

-- – In light of the recent events surrounding Todd Beard, who resigned from his post at Affliction last week because of a restraining order put in place on him by Kim Couture, Michael Cohen, Chief Operating Officer of Affliction Entertainment and as Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump has issued the statement above to clarify his role -- or lack there of -- in mixed martial arts side of the company. Beard has since issued and apology and entered into a treatment facility to address his substance abuse and anger issues. For more background click here.

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