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Jake Shields will only be happy in the UFC fighting Georges St. Pierre

Former Elite XC Welterweight Champion Jake Shields is just one of the many fighters who are looking to free themselves from their contracts with the now defunct Pro Elite.

Showtime Networks Inc. -- who partnered with Pro Elite to air over 14 Elite XC events over the last two years -- planned on auctioning off the remaining assets from the promotion in an attempt to recover nearly $6 million in defaulted loans. Among the main items listed at the auction were the contracts for guys like Jake Shields and a number of other top mixed martial artists.

A team of managers and agents from the MMA world, including Ken Pavia, Monte Cox, Cesar Gracie and others banded together shortl thereafter to ensure these fighters futures weren't just auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The auction, which was scheduled for today, was called off by Showtime Networks only a few short days ago. However, the futures of all those contracted fighters are still up in the air and nobody really knows what's going to happen next.

Cox had this to say about the unusual situation:

"I've never run into this before, not since I've been managing. We're looking around like what do we do about this? We signed up with ProElite for a reason. We wanted to get on CBS, get that kind of exposure, and all of a sudden, they can sell [contracts] to something else that doesn't offer the same thing."

One thing is sure for Shields though, if he had his choice of which organization he fought for next would be, it would be the UFC hands down. He has not been shy recently about saying that. And he has never been shy in the past about saying he wanted to test and prove himself against the best the sport had to offer.

Here's a snip from him during a recent interview with

"For me, I'm looking for top competition. I want to prove I'm the best fighter in the world. Georges St. Pierre, it's an opportunity to fight him and show I'm the best. I think I'm gonna be the top 170-pounder there. I wanna be the best. I wanna go there and take the belt. I wouldn't be happy with anything less."

Obviously, Shields is just one of an entire roster full of fighters with their careers stuck in neutral until this mess gets sorted out. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later because he would be a great addition to an already stacked UFC 170-pound division.

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