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MMA Karma? Sean Sherk on Armando Garcia resignation



"I knew some stuff about him throughout the entire appeal process that I was going through. You know, I was doing my homework, I was doing my research and I knew the guy had some issues. I mean, I knew that just by the way he treated me during my case. I knew that it was just a matter of time...and I am glad to see that is finally taking place. I think that you don't really deserve a position of power if you are going to take advantage of it like that. So, hopefully, they get a good commissioner in there and hopefully things can get fixed up.... The UFC was actually there when I was going through my appeal. They saw the way my case was handled and they were sickened by it. You know it's not right that you treat somebody's life like that. You know, this is my life. They should at least give me a fair opportunity to defend myself and they didn't do that. They treated my case like complete garbage."

Former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk talks about the recent and abrupt resignation on California State Athletic Director (CSAC) Executive Director Armando Garcia. Last year, Sherk tested positive for steroids after defeating Hermes Franca at UFC 73: "Stacked." He was suspended for six months, fined and stripped of his title as a result of the finding. Sherk claims to this day that he was/is innocent and that the CSAC botched the case. He vowed to never fight in the "Golden State" ever again, which he may now rethink thanks to Garcia's departure. Garcia -- who may or may not have been forced out because of looming sexual harassment charges -- has been involved in several high profile questionable mixed martial arts-related decisions. To check out an exhaustive (and perhaps over the top) laundry list click here.

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