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MMA Quick Quote: Eddie Alvarez has a lot of fight contracts

"Eddie’s contract with Pro Elite was also a contract with Adrenaline and Extreme Challenge, and also a contract with Dream. That contract allowed him to fight in any of those places. (Pro Elite) only owned a piece of Eddie. I put in his contract that he would fight in EliteXC and then Extreme Challenge, Adrenaline, or Dream. We were alternating. The deal also says if one of the organizations doesn’t schedule a fight or is unable to put on a fight, they lose a turn."

-- Monte Cox, manager of former Elite XC lightweight standout Eddie Alvarez, tells that his client is still under contract with three other organizations, including DREAM. According to Cox, Alvarez still owes the Japanese promotion two more fights and a rematch with its champion Joachim Hansen is a real possibility. Alvarez also discusses during the interview the possibility of fighting for the UFC and his desire to become a household name in the United States like he already is in Japan. At only 23-years-old -- and already a consensus top 10-ranked fighter -- the sky is the limit for the Philadelphia native.

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