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KJ Noons now wants a rematch with Nick Diaz

Kj Noons
Former Elite XC lightweight champion KJ Noons once again had a lot to say about his arch nemesis Nick Diaz in a recent on PWB's Official Podcast Hotline with Lex and Ian.

Noons defeated Diaz by first round technical knockout at Elite XC: "Renegade" in November of last year in the promotion's inaugural division title fight. The 160-pound affair was stopped after the first round by a cageside doctor who would not allow Diaz to continue with at least two gushing gashes on his face.

Diaz stormed out of the cage shortly thereafter.

It was believed he would eventually get a rematch because of the way the fight ended. But the rematch never went down. Some people figured the less experienced Noons didn't want to face the more talented Diaz again for fear of losing his title, but Noons tells a different story:

"The number one reason why it didn't happen was because they wanted to pay me three times less money than the guy I beat the crap out of…I had defended my title successfully, and they wanted me to fight him, which I was perfectly fine with. It was built up, all the drama, behind the scenes … they wanted to pay me three times less money and I told them to go screw themselves."

Noons' performance against Diaz was without a doubt impressive -- he was easily ahead in the fight when it was stopped. But the fact that it ended on a cut never sat right with the fans or Elite XC ... and virtually everyone wanted the rematch to happen.

Noons, on the other hand, felt like he put a beating on Diaz and that the Stockton native didn't deserve another title shot yet. And it's not like Noons had a cupcake in his first title defense either. Yves Edwards was a heavy favorite and brought in a ton more experience, but KJ took him out ... impressively.

Then he called out Eddie Alvarez, one of the fastest rising prospects in the world -- but that still wasn't good enough for Elite XC. The promotion wanted the Diaz rematch. And when the two parties couldn't agree, Noons was stripped of his belt. Again, KJ tells another story:

"I wrote them a letter telling them I would give them the belt back, and in the return they don't say anything about that and they strip me of the belt, acting like they are taking away from me. If you're gonna treat your champ like that, I don't want to be your champ."

Now that the two fighters are apparently free agents with Elite XC going down, there are plenty of opportunities for them to fight each other elsewhere. And Noons is certainly not downplaying a rematch:

"I think it would be a great fight…as long as it makes sense, if any promotion wants to do it, let's make it happen, call me up…"

And the fallout from the demise of Elite XC continues ...

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