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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White respects Strikeforce; Gina Carano

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"I hope they do 10 million viewers next week. Have you heard me say a bad word about Strikeforce? I wish them all the luck in the world. I have nothing bad to say about guys who are running the right promotion ... Gina Carano's a talented fighter, she's a star. She should've been the main event (on CBS' last EliteXC broadcast). My thing with women and fighting is there isn't enough good women to create a whole division. Could I do some one-off fights here and there? Yeah, but that's not really what we do."

-UFC President Dana White as quoted in USA Today about what place Strikeforce and Gina Carano have in today's world of mixed martial arts. Perhaps Mr. White isn't the meglomaniacal dictator some people make him out to be. You decide.