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CSAC denies Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva steroids appeal and upholds year-long suspension

"There was no appellation. The suspension stays. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The Commission showed that doesn’t like MMA fighter, mainly Brazilian. Sean Sherk took nandrolone, it was proved, but they reduced his punishment, but with me they didn’t leave."

Elite XC Heavyweight Champion Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva shares his disappointment with about the recent decision made by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) to uphold his year-long suspension and $2,500 fine for testing positive for the anabolic steroid Boldenone following his win over Justin Eilers in July.

Silva's manager, Alex Davis added this:

"The commission didn’t prove Bigfoot`s fault, there are doubts, but anything proved, and then the facts pass to be unimportant, and the opinion of six or seven commissionaires, who doesn’t understand anything about chemistry, predominate. The Commission, although have not proved the facts, continue to keep the suspension. We’ll sit down and see what we can do."

Basically, Silva's management doesn't believe their client got a fair shake with the CSAC, but at this point it looks like "Bigfoot" will have to take it on the chin and serve the suspension regardless of his guilt or innocence.

The suspension will keep the first and only Elite XC heavyweight champion out of action until at least July 26, 2009. He has the option to fight outside the United States during this time; however, it would be heavily discouraged and frowned upon by the CSAC and other regulatory bodies nationwide.

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