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UFC Quick Quote: Fabricio Werdum 'surprised' by knockout loss to Dos Santos at UFC 90

"... I was ready and focused, but everything happened so fast, the punch came fast and strongly. I punched him and down my head and he punched me in the same time. I twisted my knee when I fell down and opened a cut in my nose, but everything is all right. I couldn’t even feel the fight, but it’s ok, in fighting you only have two options: win or lose. Now it’s time to think in my next fight.... I’ve never been knocked out or submitted in my whole life. We always have a first time, and it was my first KO. Cigano deserved that, I have to congratulate him, because he surprised me ... it wasn’t to0 much confidence. I was with a great Muay Thai, ground game, but it all happened so fast. He deserved that, he said he respected me before the fight and I respected him and still do, confidence is a normal thing."

-- Fabricio Werdum -- who was widely considered a top 10 heavyweight -- reflects on his 81-second knockout loss to Octagon newcomer Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos at UFC 90: "Silva vs. Cote" via With a win Werdum would have likely bolstered his argument that he belongs in the four-man mini heavyweight tournament to declare an undisputed division champion. Now it's back to the drawing board for the Brazilian, who intends to temporarily move to the Untied States to train in the near future. As for "Cigano," he joins Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez among the short list of fresh division talent with huge upside.

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