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Pancrase 'Shining 9' results and quick recap

More Japanese mixed martial arts took place this past Sunday when Pancrase held its 'Shining 9' event at the Differ Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

The focal point of the event was the battle between Marlon Sandro and Masaya Takita for the vacant King Of Pancrase featherweight title.

The division was revised earlier this year to meet the standards of the unified rules of mixed martial arts, changing the weight class under 141lbs to a set range of 135lbs-145lbs.

The fight went the distance and Sandro was able to pull off a unanimous decision win, keeping his undefeated record intact and now standing at very impressive 12-0. He also gained the King Of Pancrase featherweight title for his efforts.

Will he ever be stopped?

In lightweight action, Yukio Sakaguchi destroyed Yuichi Ikari with some vicious shots just 21 seconds into the first round. If you blinked, you would have missed it.

Another fight ending in similar fashion was the flyweight bout between Takuya Eizumi and Takayuki Hirayasu. Eizumi was able to rain down some bombs to the face of Hirayasu, forcing the referee to intervene when Hirayasu could no longer intelligently defend himself.

The welterweight tournament semifinals also took place with Hiroyuki Nozawa and Tomoyoshi Iwamiya both earning decision wins. They will now face off against each other in the finals sometime this December.

The winner of that fight will than get the opportunity to face current interim King Of Pancrase welterweight champion Takuya Wada in Spring of 2009.

Here are the Pancrase 'Shining 9' complete results:

Main Card:
Kenji Arai (13-12-3) fought Tashiro Akai (9-5-8) to a draw
Takuya Wada (17-8-9) fought Masahiro Toryu (6-3-4) to a draw
Yukio Sakaguchi (3-3) defeated Yuichi Ikari (10-5-4) via KO (0:21-R1)
Takafumi Ito (34-26-11) defeated Takaichi Hirayama (7-11-6) by unanimous decision
Takuya Eizumi (3-1) defeated Takayuki Hirayasu (1-3) by TKO (1:55-R2)
Wataru Takahashi (6-10-4) fought Hiroshi Tomita (0-0-1) to a draw

Featherweight King of Pancrase:
Marlon Sandro (12-0) defeated Masaya Takita (9-10-2) by unanimous decision

Welterweight Tournament SemiFinals:
Hiroyuki Nozawa (6-3-2) defeated Asaki Honda (4-3-1) by unanimous decision
Tomoyoshi Iwamiya (5-7) defeated Kiichi Kunimoto (5-3-2) by unanimous decision

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