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Anderson Silva DVD Cage Rage Superstar collection

By now we're all familiar with the reign of terror Anderson Silva has inflicted on the UFC middleweight and light heavyweight divisions since his debut against Chris Leben at Ultimate Fight Night 5.

Now here is a chance to see some of his earlier Cage Rage fights including his battles with UFC veteran Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera and the legendary "Lightning" Lee Murray, the last man to take Silva to a decision.

From big time knockouts to slick submissions, Cage Rage showcases the best of the best from every fighting discipline including Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Pankration, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai and Judo.

This is the Superstar Collection…five Cage Rage events comprised of 59 fights in their entirety featuring the biggest names in MMA including Anderson "Spider" Silva, Michael "The Count" Bisping, Paul "Semtex" Daley, Renato "Babalu" Sobral, Ian "The Machine" Freeman, Matt "The Law" Lindland, Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos, Jean "White Bear" Silva, Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera, Mark Weir, "Lightning" Lee Murray, Johil de Oliveira, Melvin Manhoef and Curtis Strout.


Battle of Britain (2:44:23): Philly San VS Dave Elliot, Xavier Foupa Pokam VS Paul Daley, Ricky Andrews VS Jeremy Bailey, Paul Jenkins VS Ronaldo Campos, Jean Francois Lenogue VS Damien Riccio, Samy Schiavo VS Robbie Oliver, Emmanuel Fernandez VS Leigh Remedios, Jess Liaudin VS Matt Ewin, Ollie Ellis VS Jean Silva, Michael Bisping VS Mark Epstein, Jorge Rivera VS Mark Weir

Knights of the Octagon (2:35:26): Peter Tiaks VS Ian Butlin, James Nicholle VS Suley Mahmoud, Silvio De Souza VS Mark Epstein, Sol Gilbert VS Jean Francois Lenogue, Jeremy Bailey VS Phil Gildea, Matt Ewin VS Damien Riccio, Ryan Robison VS Kuljit Degun, Leigh Remedios, VS Ricky Salhan, Matthias Riccio VS James Kikic, Mark Weir VS Johil De Oliveira, Lee Murray VS Anderson Silva


No Mercy (2:03:05): Brad Pickett VS Stuart Grant, Mustapha Al Turk VS Freidoun Naghizadeh, Sami Berik VS Addul Mohamed, Tulio Palhares VS Alex Reid, Paul Daley VS Jess Liaudin, Dave Elliot VS Robbie Oliver, Ridas Vivada VS Sol Gilbert, Samy Schiavo VS Jean Silva, Renato Sobral VS Cyrille Diabate, Michael Bisping VS Mark Epstein, Matt Lindland VS Mark Weir, Ryan Robinson VS Ian Freeman

Deliverance (2:38:38): Andy Walker VS Alex De Souza, Ricky Andrews VS Dave Lee, Brad Pickett VS Chris Freebourne, Robert Berry VS Andy Harby, Daniel Buzotta VS Andy Costello, Evangelista Santos VS Anthony Rea, Jeremy Bailey VS Sami Berik, Jean Silva VS Leigh Remedios, Melvin Manhoef VS Matthias Riccio, Alex Reid VS Jorge Rivera, Gabriel Santos VS Mark Weir, Curtis Stout VS Sol Gilbert, Pierre Guillet VS Renato Sobral


Face Off (2:11:48): Atilla Kubilay VS Richard Bowkett, Tom Blackledge VS Kuljit Degun, Jess Liaudin VS Abdul Mohamed, Robert Berry VS Andy Costello, Brad Pickett VS Aaron Blackwell, Henrique Santana VS Hassan Muridi, Paul Daley VS Paul Jenkins, Ross Mason VS Damien Riccio, Pierre Guillet VS Anthony Rea, Evangelista Santos VS Mark Epstein, Mark Weir VS Curtis Stout, Anderson Silva VS Jorge Rivera

Face Off Promo (1:21)

Running Time: A staggering 735 minutes!

Cage Rage: Superstar Collection is now available for purchase in our DVD store for $19.99 by clicking here.

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