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MMAmania and Feel It! Nutrition

So ... the past two weeks our readers have more than likely noticed we have a new advertising partner: Feel It! Nutrition.

We have featured stories the last few Fridays, have integrated and MMA Nutrition store into our navigation and are working with the company to help build its social network.

It's something we are excited about -- Feel It! Nutrition is one of many cool companies that helps us do what we are able to do each day. That's the bottom line, whether or not you enjoy reading the weekly posts or sign up to join their growing community is clearly your decision.

Feel It! Nutrition is going to open up discounts and specials just for readers throughout our partnership. Therefore, if you train or workout -- and countless readers fall into those two categories -- this is a great opportunity for you to save big on brand name supplements.

What's more, the Feel It! Nutrition social network provides you with an outlet and a forum to interact with other likeminded individuals to get the very best out of your workouts.

And last but not least, Feel It! Nutrition sponsors UFC fighters such as Tim Boetsch and will continue to do so well into the future. Accordingly, we plan to give our readers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access on what it takes to train and compete at the highest level in mixed martial arts.

Long story short, this is going to be a great partnership for several different reasons. However, if for some reason nutrition, training, cool money-saving specials and promotions don't interest you then we ask that you just turn a blind eye because there are others on this site who are interested.

Our partnership with them is not going to be in-your-face 24/7 ... only I am so fortunate (Hoo-hoo-hah-hah-hah).

Thanks, maniacs. And if you are in the market for supplements or anything like that head over to Feel It! Nutrition. It's a great company and some even better people.

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