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UFC's Dan & Jim Miller featured on Pro MMA Radio (Replay)

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Former IFL middleweight champion Dan Miller and IFL lightweight Jim Miller were our guests this past Monday on’s exclusive presentation of Pro MMA Radio.

The brothers talked about working their way up the local MMA fighting circuit to fighting in the now defunct IFL to getting their shot at the big time in the grandest stage of them all, the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Hosted by Larry Pepe, Pro MMA Radio is professional, guest-driven program that features some of mixed martial arts biggest names.

If you’re looking for a radio show that revolves around a couple of MMA fans ranting and raving about everything that’s already been covered ad nauseam, then Pro MMA Radio probably isn’t for you.

However, if you want to hear from actual fighters and industry insiders answering questions that are relevant to the current MMA scene, tune in every Monday night at 9pm for our exclusive live feed.

Click here for the replay of Monday’s show.

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