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No cuts, no glory: Lean Stack drops the weight without the wait

In the old days, making weight for a fight meant spending the last twenty-four hours prior to weigh-ins performing all sorts of wonderful tasks like dressing yourself in a sausage casing and dragging a 200 lb exercise bike into the sauna.

After all, why burn fat and retain lean muscle with little-to-no headaches when you can bring your kidneys to the brink of failure and spend every waking minute spitting into a Dixie cup?

I know the macho among us will scowl and shrug it off as one of those manly rituals we're supposed to accept unconditionally, but who wants to show up for a fight looking like Trevor Reznik?

Or even worse, those poor unfortunate souls who rehydrate too fast and swell up like Violet Beauregard?

Personally, when it comes to tasks that require repetition and effort, I prefer to let technology do the work for me.

That is why I own a remote control, a Roomba 560 and of course Feel It! Nutrition's Lean Stack.

Lean Stack was designed with the weight-conscious fighter in mind. I've always competed at light heavyweight and normally walk around at or near 215 lbs. Like most competitors, I would start to drastically alter my diet before weigh-ins and torture (and bore) myself on the treadmill until the scale began to drop.

Unfortunately a lot of my and size and strength dropped as well.

Then I was introduced to Lean Stack and put it to use about a month out of competition. Two days before the fight I weighed in at 204 lbs. No sauna, no crash diet and no treadmill. I was already at my target weight but more importantly I was ripped and at full strength.

I didn't change the way I trained, I changed the way I prepared. Once again I let technology do the work for me.

Part of the appeal of Lean Stack was the fact that I could get everything in one shot without roaming around GNC like a bewildered tourist. The Feel It! Nutrition experts have already done the research and assembled the most comprehensive stack for burning fat and retaining lean muscle.

Lean Stack consists of the following cutting-edge supplements:

Strength Prohormone: LG Sciences Methyl Masterdrol V2 (90 Capsules)
Testosterone Booster: LG Sciences Formadrol Extreme (60 Capsules)
Protein Powder: BSN, Inc. Syntha-6 (2.91 lb tub)
Thermogenic: BSN, Inc. Atro-Phex (98 Capsules)
Antioxidant: TWINLAB Alpha Lipoic Acid (60 Capsules)

If you're looking to cut weight prior to competition without jeopardizing your strength and lean muscle, or if you just want to shed those few extra pounds that have survived your onslaught of physical exertion, give Lean Stack a try.

It could even affect the outcome of your next fight. Who has the advantage: The fighter doing a light workout the morning of the weigh-ins or the fighter who is shriveling up inside a sauna with just a prayer and a rubber suit?

Get lean. Get Lean Stack.

Head over to the Feel It! Nutrition website by clicking here and be sure to stay on the lookout for their upcoming breakthrough in weight loss technology with ABSOLVE, a topical weight loss solution that will change the way fighters and athletes think about cutting weight.

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