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Houston Alexander: 'I have not lost my UFC contract'

houston alexander
Props: Fight Magazine


"NO – I have not lost my UFC contract. NO – I have not fired my coaching staff. NO – I am not going to step down and fight for smaller organizations. The loss last month was tough, but life goes on. People need to remember that I have only been fighting professionally for a year and a half. I have made great strides during that time, as well as faced some setbacks. My training will continue and we are looking at visiting some of the larger camps for additional training and strategy for my next fight. I have a lot to learn and am hoping to have everything straightened out before I enter the cage next time. So no worries, I am not going anywhere!"

UFC light heavyweight Houston Alexander addresses speculation that his status with the promotion is somehow in jeopardy after suffering three straight defeats. UFC President Dana White indicated before his most recent loss to Eric Schafer at UFC Fight Night 15 that the "Nebraskan Assassin" needed a win or would risk having to take fights in smaller organizations and win his way back into the Octagon for another opportunity to shine. It appears that the charismatic father of six will get at least once more chance to prove he belongs with the top mixed martial arts promotion in the world. Let's hope for his sake he can make the most out of it.

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