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UFC 89 results and LIVE fight coverage for Leben vs. Bisping Spike event October 18

ufc 89 results

UFC 89: "Leben vs. Bisping" is set go off from The National Indoor Arena (NIA) in Birmingham, England., tonight (Saturday, October 18) on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will provide blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of the main card bouts, beginning with the 9 p.m. ET telecast. Take note that we have already posted results of all the action earlier today because of the tape delayed broadcast, meaning spoilers could be contained below in the comments section.

Therefore, consider yourself warned before proceeding any further.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the Spike TV special to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after UFC 89.

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 89 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Micheal Bisping defeats Chris Leben via Unanimous Decision
Keith Jardine defeats Brandon Vera via Split Decision
Luis Cane defeats Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
Chris Lytle defeats Paul Taylor via Unanimous Decision.
Marcus Davis defeats Paul Kelly via Submission (Guillotine) Round 2
Dan Hardy defeats Akihiro Gono via split decision
Shane Carwin defeats Neil Wain via technical knockout (strikes) in round one
David Bielkheden defeats Jess Liaudin via unanimous decision
Terry Etim defeats Sam Stout via unanimous decision
Jim Miller defeats David Baron via submission (rear naked choke) in round three
Per Eklund defeats Samy Schiavo via submission (rear naked choke) in round three


Druby here for a solid night of fights, some of us may know the outcome by now but none the less itll be exciting to see how the action unfolds.

Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben (185-pound limit)

Round one: Body kick from Bisping. Leben with a leg kick. Jab from Bisping and Leben doubles up on the leg kick. Body kick from Leben. Nice right from Bisping. Another right from Bisping. Leben misses with a huge right then lands a knee. Bisping lands two knees from the clinch. Nice stiff right from Bisping. Lebem does not flinch. Clinched against the fence and Bisping lands a knee to the body. Leg kick from Leben. Front kick. Big right from Bisping. Leg kick form Leben hes using them well. Bisping catches a kick then lands one of his own. Leben is bleeding from the nose. Bisping lands a right then left while retreating from a charging Leben. Nice left then right from Bisping. Body kick form Bisping. Left hook jab then right from Bisping. Great combo. Leben goes for a HUGE left misses then lands a big left. Body kick from Bisping. Jab from Bisping. BIG right hand by Bisping!! Again with a right. Bisping goes for a single and Leben stuffs it. Leben misses a MONSTER right that just barely misses.

Round two: Leben with a good left and Bisping counters with a good one too. Leben misses a kick and slips. Leben counters with a big left. Flying knee from Leben. Now their clinched up against the fence. Leben is clearing out his nose I wouldnt be surprised if he has a small break. Now his eye is cut. Leben with a leg kick. Nice left from Leben. Nice left from Leben again. Nice jab from Bisping. Ball shot stops the action to let Bisping recover. Touch gloves. Nice right from Bisping. Body kick and Leben lands a nice left and then another left. Charging forward is Leben. Bisping is smartly countering when he does so. Body kick from Bisping. Inside leg kick from Leben then he doubles it up. Bisping catches a kick then lands a right. Bisping with a nice jab. Nice right from Bisping. Left from Bisping. Jab from Bisping. Leben just missed a big elbow. Jab from Leben then straight right. Leben with a big right. Bisping counters with a combo. Nice left from Leben grazes Bisping. Thats the bell, Bisping won that round again hes just landing more punches with a higher efficiency.

Round three: Head kick from Leben. BIG left hand by Leben. Leg kick from Leben and Bisping counters with one of his own. Jab from Bisping. Leben with a right. Bisping with a jab. Another jab from Bisping. Body kick caught by Leben and he just misses a big left. Nice left from Leben. Nice jab from Bisping Leben counters with his left, Body kick by Leben. Leben caught a body kick. STraight right from BIsping. Leg kick from Bisping. Inside leg kick from Leben. Leben shoots and gets a double leg take down. Both fighters taking a breather at this point. Leben peppering in punches. Big right from Bisping. 1 minute. Uppercut from Bisping. Nice right from Bisping. Knee to the body from Leben. Leg kick from Leben. Bisping lands a left right combo then an uppercut. Leben literally puts his hands down and dares Bisping to hit him and Bisping answers with a head kick and straight right to close out the round. Bisping wins this fight he was obviously the better man, but Leben was in the best shape in his whole career and proved once again he has an iron chin. He also landed some pretty sick punches and to Bispings credit he didnt get phased once. Good fight, both guys showed up tonight.

Final result: Micheal Bisping defeats Chris Leben via Unanimous Decision


Brandon Vera vs. Keith Jardine (205-pound limit)

Round one: Jardine with a nice right to counter Vera's kick and then gets a take down. Full guard by Vera. Jardine looking to push him against the cage. Jardine has a big cut on top of his head. Vera trying to lock in a kimura. Vera landing some elbows to Jardine's head. Jardine postures up and lands some good elbows on top. Big right from Jardine. Nice right hand from Jardine. Jardine disrupting Vera's breathing. Jardine with nice elbows. The ref stands them up. Nice elbow from Vera as they go into the cage. Vera trying to stalk Jardine. BOdy kick from Vera. Jardine tries for a front kick. Jardine looks winding. Nice right from Jardine. Big right from Vera stuns Jardine and he drops briefly then Jardine jumps backup lands a right and stuns Vera who drops. Jardine charges and lands 3 HUGE bombs on Vera who is trying to make it out of the round. Thats the bell, id give that one to Jardine but it was a close one.

Round two: Nice right from Vera. Inside leg kick from Jardine. Front kick to the knee from Vera buckles Jardine briefly. Leg kick from Jardine. Nice right from Jardine. Jardine goes for a brief take down and gets stuffed. Vera catches a kick and gets a take down. Nice elbow then knee to the body from Vera. Jardine is favoring his left knee after that push kick from Vera to his knee. Uppercut from Vera. Big head kick from Vera. Jardine charges but misses. Head kick from Jardine. Head kick from Vera. Body kick from Vera. Nice right from Jardine. Thats the bell, id give that round to Vera he controlled the action in that round.

Round three: Jardine with a right then he lands a big left which wobbles Vera. Nice leg kick from Vera. Jardine with another leg kick. Nice body kick from Vera. Nice body kick caught by Jardine then Vera lands a left. Nice right from Jardine, leg kick from Vera. 3 minutes left. Nice left from Vera. Head kick from Jardine misses. Jardine grabs a single leg and tries for the take down. Up against the fence in the clinch. Jardine is landing some good rights to the head from behind. Body shot then left from Vera. Uppercut from Vera just misses. Leg kick from Vera. Big right from Jardine. Nice body shot from Vera. Jardine lands 3 unanswered BOMBS! WOW! Great fight, this last round could go either way its too close to call. This fight in general is a toss up either man could get the decision in my book and there would be no arguments.

Final result: Keith Jardine defeats Brandon Vera via Split Decision


Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Luis Cane (205-pound limit)

Round one: Both guys just feeling each other out. Great inside leg kick from Soku. Soku with a great left to body and then leg kick. Left from Cane. Left then head kick from Soku and again the same combo. Soku looks fast and is moving forward. Body kick from Soku. Great kick from Cane. Soku with a nice kick. Inside leg kick the head kick from Soku. Soku with an uppercut. Left from Soku. Uppercut then jab from Soku then a body kick then a big right. WOW hes mixing it up great. Leg kick. Cane with a left and great kick. Big knee from Cane. Nice left from Cane. Thats the bell, id give that round to Soku for his early damage.

Round two: Cane walking him down into the cage to try and nullify Soku speed. Soku looks much more hesitant this round. Hes not coming our with quick strikes. Jump high kick from Soku. Straight right from Cane. Big right from Soku. Leg kick, cane with a jab. Cane with a jab. Jab from Cane. Vicious body kick from Soku. Cane just seems to eat them he's still staying in the pocket looking for his shot. Big right then a good knee from Cane. Soku taking deep deep breathes and is backing away. Once again he looks gassed by the 2nd rd. Uppercut from Soku. Nice left from Cane. Jab from Cane. Big knee from Cane then an elbow. Leg kick from Soku. Big knee from Cane then he lands a HUGE elbow Soku collapses hes hurt and Cane pounces and starts dropping BOMBS elbows and and punches!! Thats it folks its over Cane with a great KO.

Round three:

Final result: Luis Cane defeats Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou via TKO (Strikes) Round 2


Chris Lytle vs. Paul Taylor (170-pound limit)

Round one: Lytle comes out throw bombs!!! Taylor answers back with bombs of his own!!! WOW these guys came out like madd men!!! Right from Lytle. Lytle with a great body shit and now pushes him against the cage. Taylor using foot stomps and Lytle with knees to the body. Taylor with a left as they separate. Taylor with a kick and Lytle with a knee. Big take down from Lytle. Taylor bounces right back to his feet. Their clinched up against the fence again. They seem to be just gearing up to throw more bombs. Both guys exchanging rights to the body. Nice right from Taylor. Lytle charges in and lands a good combo. Taylor with a thai clinch. Lytle pounding the mid section. Knees from Lytle. Taylor turns it around and now they apart again. Front kick from Taylor and then a knee. Clinched again against the fence. Lytle looks like the stronger man which is obvious in the clinch. Taylor with a good left that briefly buckles Lytle. Great dirty boxing from both fighters. Lytle wins that action packed round, what an amazing fight.

Round two: Both guys come out throwing bombs again. WOW HUGE right from Lytle. Hes landing body shots and then going to the head. Lytle with the take down. Taylor reverses it briefly but Lytle gets back into a dominant position. Taylor back to the feet and both guys exchange punches on the inside. Great leg kick from Taylor Lytle with a great combo then body kick. Taylor now with a take down!!! But a Wizzer from Lytle and hes right back to his feet. Uppercut from Taylor on the inside. Great dirty boxing from both fighters. Lytle though still in the dominant position when up against the cage due to his advantage in strength. Leg kick from Taylor. Lytle throws two more bombs but misses. Great body shot from Lytle. Leg kick from Taylor. Ball shot on Lytle and ref stops it briefly. Great combo from Lytle and a big right hook. Clinched again, knees from Taylor. Nice right from Lytle. 30 seconds. Knee from Taylor. Lytle looks gassed now. Taylor looks fresh, but Lytle still controlling up against the cage. Taylor with a nice combo to end the round.

Round three: They come out strong again. Both exchange combo's. Nice body kick from Lytle and leg kick from Taylor. Lytle with a body shot and hes lands two three four unanswered bombs!!!! Make that 7 unanswered shots!!! Big body shot from Lytle. Now their clinch. Big left from Taylor against the cage, Lylte answers with a big right then left to the body. Still clinched against the fence. Great left from Lytle. Body kick from Taylor, body shot from Lytle. Leg kick from Taylor. Nice right and inside leg kick from Taylor. Lytle charges forward and lands a big right. Clinched against the fence. Both guys taking a much needed break but still keeping busy with knees and body shots. Ref breaks em up. Right from Taylor, big uppercut from Taylor. Lytle with a left then big right. Lytle looking for a double leg, and he gets it. Lytle has a mouse under his left eye. Big right from Lytle. Big right from Lytle again. Leg kick from Taylor. Right by Taylor. Taylor with a big uppercut and left hook that rock Lytle!!!! WOW he took an amazing shot flush a very strong punch and withstood the onslaught. He has a granite chin.

Final result: Chris Lytle defeats Paul Taylor via Unanimous Decision.


Marcus Davis vs. Paul Kelly (170-pound limit)

Round one: Both guys feeling each other out. Kelly with a straight right. Both fighters light on their feet. Inside leg kick from Davis and a good one two combo. Wild left from Davis misses. Overhand left from Davis. Fans are chanting for Kelly. Kelly looks a little stiff now. Kelly misses a right. Davis with a jab backing away. Both fighters just looking for distance. Great body kick to the gut from Davis. Leg kick from Davis. Davis with a trip take down. Davis in half guard. Great pass to side control from Davis and he lands a right. Kelly spins and scrambles out and now their back to the feet. Davis with a body kick and superman punch thats block. Leg kick from Davis hes keeping busy. Head kick blocked by Kelly. Kelly with a good head kick of his own. Thats the round, id give it to Davis he was much more busy and he got the take down.

Round two: Touch gloves, and were back to the action. Davis moving forward. Leg kick from Davis. Davis is ducking and weaving and Kelly is missing punches. Body kick, by Davis. Kelly throws two bombs but Davis ducks both he looks amazing on his feet. Kelly with a GREAT take down out of no where!!! Davis locks in a guillotine and Kelly slips into it deeper. Thats it its over!!! WOW, what a great submission by Davis he looked absolutely amazing on his feet and then when the fight got to the ground he just showed really how well rounded hes become.

Round three:

Final result: Marcus Davis defeats Paul Kelly via Submission (Guillotine) Round 2


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