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Jake Shields: 'Im willing to move up in weight' to fight Robbie Lawler


"I don't know. I got to talk to Elite XC and find out. Like I said, I'm willing to move up in weight. I think if I moved up in weight and fought somebody like Robbie Lawler, with his caliber I think that fight would give me a lot of respect. Because right now there's some good fighters out there, but a lot of the good 170 pounders aren't huge names. They might be really tough, but if they're not the huge name, it doesn't really help my career."

Elite XC Welterweight Champion Jake Shields mentions that he doesn't know who his next opponent will be, but that he's willing to move up to fight Elite XC Middleweight Champion Robbie Lawler if the promotion would allow it. There was talk of Shields fighting Matt Lindland at the now canceled Affliction: "Day of Reckoning" event this month, so he's already been considering floating around at different weights. A champion vs. champion fight against Robbie Lawler would no doubt be a very competitive fight. Jake has won his last 11 fights in a row, including a submission over Paul "Semtex" Daley at "Heat." And Elite XC is running out of quality welterweights to throw at him. A shot at Lawler might not be a bad idea for a future fight. "Ruthless," however, would likely need to defeat Joey Villasenor on November 8 for that to happen.

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