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Shooto 'Shooting Disco 6' preview

Japanese MMA mainstay Shooto has finalized the main card for its upcoming show "Shooting Disco 6" on Sunday, October 5 at Shinyuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan.

There may not be an abundance of familiar faces but Shooto has a good reputation for delivering an exciting night of fights. Keep in mind that fighters such as Takanori Gomi, Tatsuya Kawajiri and Hayato "Mach" Sakurai all made their debuts in Shooto.

Will we see a future star in the making at tomorrow's event?

There are plenty of exciting prospects in the Rookie Tournament Semifinals. Keep your eye on Haruo Ochi (2-0). Ochi had an impressive debut at Shooting Disco 4 with a first round knockout over Masumi Tozawa via brutal slam. He followed that up by choking out the venerable Yuta Nezu in the first round at Shooto Tradition 2 with a bulldog choke.

On the main card, Ryuichi Miki (6-2-3) is looking for a win after drawing against Yasuhiro Urushitani at Shooto Tradition 1 last May. He faces the experienced but inconsistent Jin Akimoto (10-11-4), who is coming off a draw himself back at Shooting Disco 5. They collide in a bantamweight (123lbs) scrap.

Middleweight (167lbs) action pits the heavy-handed Taisuke Okuno (5-2-1) against Yoichiro Sato (1-0-1). Okuno squashed Masayoshi Ichikawa in just 26 seconds at GCM just over a month ago and all five of his wins have come by (T)KO.

It could be an early night for the less experienced Sato.

Daiji Takahashi (6-10-2) desperately needs a win against Seiji Otsuka (8-8-4). Takahashi is on a four fight losing streak and I'm sure Otsuka is hoping to make it five.

Three seems to be the magic number for Kz Factory's Sakae Kasuya (3-3-3). He squares off against Hidenori Nishino (1-2-1) in a lightweight (143lbs) bout while Maru Kotobuki and Guy Delemeau are making their MMA debuts.

Here is the official fight card for Shooting Disco 6:

Main Card
Ryuichi Miki (6-2-3) vs. Jin Akimoto (10-11-4)
Taisuke Okuno (5-2-1) vs. Yoichiro Sato (1-0-1)
Daiji Takahashi (6-10-2) vs. Seiji Otsuka (8-8-4)
Sakae Kasuya (3-3-3) vs. Hidenori Nishino (1-2-1)
Ayumu Shioda (3-6) vs. Kenji Hosoya (2-3)
Daisuke Matsumoto (3-4) vs. Daiki Tsuchiya (1-1)
Nozomu Otsuka (1-0) vs. Takeshi Sato (0-0-1)
Maru Kotobuki (0-0) vs. Guy Delemeau (0-0)

Flyweight Rookie Tournament Semifinal
Fumihiro Kitahara (2-0) vs. Hiroaki Ijima (1-0)

Bantamweight Rookie Tournament Semifinal
Mikiyomi Yamagami (1-0) vs. Yusuke Sato (1-0)

Featherweight Rookie Tournament Semifinal
Haruo Ochi (2-0) vs. Kosuke Eda (5-2-2)

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