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MMA Quick Quote: Frank Shamrock rooting for Ken against Kimbo Slice to set up sibling rivalry

"I know that Ken has ten times the skills that Kimbo has, but can he put it together at this age with this many injuries, and you know with the way life is - it's always the big question. So honestly I don't know. I hope he smashes him and then we set up a fantastic PPV with him and I. You never know."

-- Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Frank Shamrock is still holding out hope that his adopted (and quasi-estranged) brother Ken can defeat the Miami street fighting legend Kimbo Slice this Saturday to set up a sibling rivalry fight early next year ... but he has his doubts. Frank has been talking about this fight ever since Pro Elite signed Ken back in January. Win or lose against Kimbo, the fight is still a possibility for sometime in 2009.

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