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Frank Trigg: 'It's not difficult to see how to beat Anderson Silva'

frank trigg



"Everyone's so scared of his length and his reach that they stay way the hell outside. They're idiots. That makes no sense. You have to be on the inside. You have to be a Mike Tyson-style boxer against him. He's too elusive to hit in the face. He just has too much movement. You have to work his body. You have to pick him apart. You have to out-point him.... He can't hurt you when you're inside because his punching power is from his length and he has to be outside to kick. You have to take Anderson Silva down and hold him down. You almost have to fight him like B.J. Penn fought Sean Sherk: Constant movement, peppering him with quick shots. It's not difficult to see how to beat Anderson Silva. What's difficult is putting yourself to the task and understanding that the game plan isn't going to be perfect, and when something bad happens, overcoming that bad thing. If you don't think you would win, why the hell are you showing up? Yeah, I think I could win."

Former UFC welterweight contender and current middleweight competitor Frank Trigg feels he would have the right style and gameplan to knock off UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva if the two ever locked horns. That scenario, however, will more than likely never happen unless "Twinkle Toes" can somehow work his way back inside the Octagon and in the good graces of UFC President Dana White and the rest of the Zuffa brass. It's also possible that he has no intentions of ever returning to the UFC -- he's been successful outside the promotion with his radio program, clothing line, appearances on TNA, broadcasting and fights for smaller promotions sandwiched between. In fact, he has a 185-pound fight against the dangerous Falaniko Vitali at Strikeforce: "Payback" this weekend in Denver, Colorado. He has won four of his last five fights, including victories over Jason Mayhem Miller, Kazuo Misaki and others.

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