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Elite XC results 'Shamrock vs Slice' October 4 on CBS LIVE!

elitexc results

Elite XC: "Heat" is set go off LIVE from the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla., tonight (October 4). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of the main card bouts, beginning with the 9 p.m. ET CBS telecast. In addition, we are now delivering up-to-the-minute quick results of the under card action.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the show to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with many of our readers during the show — it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after Elite XC: "Heat."

Without further delay, see below for the latest "Heat" results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Seth Petruzelli defeats Kimbo Slice via technical knockout 14 seconds into round one
Elite XC Welterweight Champion Jake Shields defeats Paul Daley via submission (armbar) in round two
Andrei Arlovski defeats Roy Nelson via technical knockout at 3:14 of round two
Gina "Conviction" Carano defeats Kelly Kobald via unanimous decision
Benji Radach defeats Murilo "Ninja" Rua via knockout at 2:31 of round two
Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos defeats Yoko Takahashi via unanimous decision
Conor Huen defeats James Edson Berto via technical knockout at 2:18 of round two
Mickey Gomez defeats Lorenzo Borgomeo via submission (armbar) at 4:06 of round two
Bryan Hamade defeats David Gomez via submission (guillotine) at 2:03 of round one
Nicolae Curry defeats Jorge Boechat via submission in round one


Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson vs. Seth Petruzelli (265-pound limit)

First round: Kimbo takes the center, then charges. Petruzelli back pedals and lands a big shot. Kimbo falls and is on all fours. Petruzelli jumps on him and is landing bombs. Kimbo is in deep deep trouble. That's it!!!! The ref stops the fight less than 30 seconds in. Kimbo is bloodied up and he's done. HOLY SHIT!!!!! Kimbo just got his ass handed to him by Seth Petruzelli! HOLY SHIT!

Final result: Seth Petruzelli defeats Kimbo Slice via technical knockout 14 seconds into round one


Elite XC Welterweight Champion Jake Shields vs. Paul "Semtex" Daley (170-pound limit)

First round: Both fighters come out looking pumped. Actually starts out easy. High kick from Shields. Left jab from Daley and Shields goes for a takedown. Both are back up. Daley keeps the distance. Shields tries to close it but once again both are exchanging. Shields gets a takedown and Daley works to keep him out of side contorl but Shileds gets mount rather easily. He's not doing much with it ... Daley has solid defense for the time being. Daley is still in full mount. Shields is now reigning down punches and Daley doesn't really look like he has an exit strategy. He's roling. Shields now has side control. Back to full mount. Shields is working but not doing much damage. He now works for an armbar but doesn't get it as Daley reverses. He's in guard and dropping some serious ground and pound. Round ends with Daley on top in Shields' guard.

Second round: Daley comes out with a high kick and misses. Throwing big punches and shields retreats. Daley goes for a big looping left and Shields pulls guard. Back up to the feet. Shields goes for a lazy takedown and Daley defends. Goes for another and has Daley mushed up against the fence. Daley works his way to his feet. Shields manages a throw and lands in full mount. He's looking for an armbar in top position. Doesn't get it. Now he's just dropping punches on the Brit in full mount. Now come the elbows. Daley is bucking, trying to get out of mount. Shields lands in side control. But now he's back to mount. Goes for the armbar. Daley tries to maneuver out and just cant -- Shields locks it in and Daley has no option but to tap or snap. He taps.

Final result: Jake Shields defeats Paul Daley via submission (armbar) in round two


Andre "The Pitbull" Arlovski vs. Roy "Big Country" Nelson (265-pound limit)

First round: Gloves touch. Nelson charges and has Arlovski against the cage. Arlovski trips him, but gives up the top position on the ground. Nelson right to side control. He's landing some shots. He's putting all his weight on Arlovski, and now he's looking for a kimura. Arlovski spins and Nelson stands. Up kicks from Arlovski. Nelson is back down and again looking for the kimura. Arlovski now has half guard though. The crowd is raining down the boos, and the ref stands them up. Crazy! Nelson again charges and clinches against the cage. Big knee from Arlovski out of the clinch. Nelson grabs the legs now and is looking to go back to the mat. Another knee to the body from Arlovski, not much behind in though. The ref breaks them up. Leg kick from Arlovski. Nelson charges, and eats at right hand. Another. Another leg kick. Clinched on the cage again and the bell rings. Definitely Nelson's round.

Second round: Exchanges right off the bat and Arlovski stumbles for a moment. He's ok though. Back to the clinch with Arlovski's back against the fence. Knees from Nelson now. Knee to the head from Arlovski. Big left hand from Arlovski. He charges and lands a high kick. Nelson stays in there and they're back to the clinch. Knee from Arlvski. Arlovski is on the attack now with big punches and leg kicks. Nelson gets drilled with a big uppercut followed up by an overhand right that floors Big Country. He's done. The ref stops the fight. Arlovski got into trouble in round one and needed to regroup to stay in the fight. He did just that in the this round and did what everybody expected him to do in the first. Big win for Arlovski.

Final result: Andrei Arlovski defeats Roy Nelson via technical knockout at 3:14 of round two


Gina "Conviction" Carano vs. Kelly Kobald (140-pound limit)

First round: Big exchange right off the bat. Right to the clinch. Gina's against the cage. Kobald wants to take it to the ground. Gina is defending. Kobald takes a leg, but gina backs out. Kobald lands a combo, but Gina is right back in her face with three or four harder shots. Knees from Gina now out of a Thai clinch. Kobald again is looking for the takedown. Foot stomps from Kobald. She tries to pick Gina up to slam her, but Gina isn't having any of it. They separate and Kobald is bleeding bad. The round ends with Gina throwing a one two combo. Close round. We'll give it to Gina because of the damage.

Second round: High kick from Gina to start the round. Kobald eats it and circles. Gina is stalking and lands a big overhand right. Another Thai clinch and Gina lands some more shots from there. Kobald is breathing heavily now as they're clinched on the cage. Headlock from Kobald. Gina pushes out and lands another punch. Now Kobald lands a punch and a knee. Gina is stalking and misses on a big overhand right. Gina is jabbing now and kicking. She's picking Kobald apart. But Kobald is game. Kobald charges and eats a knee. Kobald charges again and gets Gina to the mat. She's working the ground and pound as the round ends. Gina 10-9.

Third round: Clinch right off the bat, and Kobald is looking for the takedown. She has a leg, but Gina is defending. Now she has both legs and drives Gina to the fence. More foot stomps from Kobald. Kobald is working tirelessly for the takedown, but can't get it. The ref separates them and Gina lands a few shots. Kobald stays on the attack though, and charges Gina to the cage again. Kobald has a leg again, but Gina gets a standing arm triangle. Kobald falls to the mat and the hold is released. Back on the feet and Gina lands a straight kick to the face and follows it up with three big head kicks. The round ends right after. This is Gina's fight. Kobald was a very game competitor though. Very good action packed fight for the most part.

Final result: Gina Carano defeats Kelly Kobald via unanimous decision


Murilo "Ninja" Rua vs. Benji Radach (185-pound limit)

First round: Gloves touch. They circle for a bit, and Radach throws the first shot. He charges and has Ninja in trouble. Ninja answers and Radach slips. He's up and now they're in the center trading shots. Radach attacks and has Ninja agasint the cage now landing big shots. Radach slips again, but gets right up. Ninja lands a big right, and both guys hit the mat. Radach works back to his feet and they're clinched now against the cage. Ninja looks for the single, but Radach sprawls lazily. Big knee from Ninja now, and they hit the mat again. Radach is looking to take his back, but Ninja spins and gets half guard. Now to full guard. Radach is looking to pass, but Ninja tries for a leg lock. Radach shakes his head no to confirm he's ok. He's back in Ninja's half guard now, and Ninja looks for a guillotine for a second but releases it. Another leg lock attempt from Ninja. Radach tries to stand, but Ninja leans on him and holds him down. The bell rings with Ninja looking for a choke. Close round, could go either way. First half went to Radach, second half to Ninja. We'll give it to Radach 10-9.

Second round: Leg kick from Ninja to open round two. Ninja is on the attack early. Nice knee to Radach's body. Ninja is stalking and eats a big right hand. Radach is back pedaling and Ninja is still stalking. Nice left hand from Radach, but Ninja isn't hurt. Leg kick from Ninja. Another. Ninja is really pushing the pace here. Radach is steadily backing up. Ninja looks for a single leg takedown, but Radach defends. Jab from Radach. Ninja is bleeding from his eye now. Nice left from Radach and Ninja goes down. Radach pounces and lands two huge right hands!!! Ninja is out! Benji Radach just knocked out Ninja Rua. Ninja was pushing the pace nicely in that round, and Radach looked really tired, but he picked a nice spot to counter and Ninja went down. Good fight to start the CBS telecast.

Final result: Benji Radach defeats Murilo "Ninja" Rua via knockout at 2:31 of round two


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