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Rashad Evans granted title shot after knocking out Chuck Liddell

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Move over hamburger, it's time for something meatier.

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell was robbed of his chance to fight for the light heavyweight title on December 27 at UFC 92 when he was knocked out at UFC 88 'Breakthrough' by "Sugar" Rashad Evans.

That Evans, what a party-pooper.

Liddell will remain on the card (assuming he's cleared medically), but he'll have to watch from the sidelines as someone else tries to deforest 'Griffin'.

Will it be the 12-0-1 Rashad Evans?

Dana White confirmed today at the UFC 88 post-fight press conference that Evans next fight will indeed be for the light heavyweight title, though an exact date has yet to be determined.

I'm sure there are some finer details to be worked out, since the UFC brass is probably just as shell-shocked as the rest of us over Saturday's developments.

In his post-fight interview, Evans seemed content to continue fighting fellow contenders, but apparently Dana and Co. are willing to reward him for such a significant victory.

Whether it's against current champ Forrest Griffin this December or another competitor in early 2009 remains to be seen, though I would imagine whoever the champion is will be paying close attention to the outcome of Evans fight with Chuck Liddell.

As will everyone else: It's bound to be played on highlight reels for years to come.