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MMA Quick Quote: Fedor wants Kimbo to 'boost his competition'

"As an athlete, I think he's got a lot more work to do. I think he's got to have a lot more fights and really boost his competition and the quality of the opponents he fights. As a person and a personality for the sport, he's got a great PR company. He's done something that many fighters have taken many years to achieve and haven't been able to achieve, and he's done it in a very short period of time. So if he's able to combine that with his physical strength and learn some more technique and maybe getting some more experience, then maybe he would get to a level of popularity that could transcend the sport."

– WAMMA Heavyweight Champion and Russian goliath Fedor Emelianenko sounds off at AOL Fanhouse on the relatively weak competition given to EliteXC heavyweight Kimbo Slice. While it's a valid point, it's interesting to hear it from a man who has been known to fight the occasional freakshow or tomato can.

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