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MMA Quick Quote: Ken 'Leg Breaker' Shamrock ready for Kimbo Slice

"Honestly, I think I can test him anywhere. He’s got big, heavy hands. Everyone says he punches hard and he probably does. But again, he doesn’t punch properly, in my opinion. He swings his hands, he moves his body back and forth trying to get as much power as he can, but there’s really no snap behind it. You can usually see the punches coming. I’m going to do what I need to do. If it goes to the ground, I’ll probably break his leg. I mean, no question. I will break his leg. If he gives it to me, I’m going to break it."

-- Elite XC heavyweight fighter and MMA legend Ken Shamrock tells that he sees weaknesses in Kimbo Slice's best attribute as a fighter. It's also interesting he says he's going to go after Slice's leg. Leg locks are and advanced jiu jitsu move and not even allowed in most beginner or intermediate tournaments because they can cause so much damage and are difficult to defend. "El Guapo" -- who has tapped to Shamrock leg locks on two separate occasions -- will have to school his student on how to properly defend those or he'll end up like Brock Lesnar against Frank Mir. Of course, it's entirely possible that Shamrock could be snoring before he even gets a chance to take the fight to the mat. We'll see on October 4.

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