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MMA Quick Quote: Kimbo Slice is the black Yeti

brett rogers

Excerpt courtesy of Five Ounces of Pain:

"As for Oct 4th; that was our spot. Shamrock with his name and giant ego butted in line to get a slice of Kevin. At 103 years of age Ken usurped our rightful place against the YouTube champ. Our sincerest hope is that Ken whips Kimbo and then we can finally euthanize the "World’s Most Dangerous Man" and relegate him to some MMA dinosaur exhibit. Maybe taxidermy him and Severn and place them on a rotating pedestal where they can endless circle each other.

If Ken proves to be more sham then rock and Fergi beats him, then the Slice hype grows even greater. Dude is already more myth then Sasquatch, Chupacabra and a fucking unicorn combined. Kevin is the black Yeti...So go ahead [Kimbo] and make us wait while you fight Tank and Shamrock. Hell, why not fight Hackney, Harold Howard, Fred Ettish and the rest of Jurassic MMA? And while your shuckin’ and duckin’ we will be hustlin’ and muscilin’ and when the bell finally tolls the only real question left is … do you wake up looking at canvas or arena lights?"

-- Elite XC heavyweight Brett Rogers and his Minnesota camp, Team Bison, issued a letter to Five Ounces Of Pain voicing their disapproval over the company's recent announcement of Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice for the October 4 card on CBS. Many people, including Rogers, believed "The Grim" would get the next crack at the "YouTube champion," especially after the post-fight fireworks in Newark, N.J., at the inaugural "Saturday Night Fights" CBS event back in May.

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