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Gone-ito: Jackson leaves Ibarra for UK's Wolfslair

rampage wolfsliar
Props: Fighters Only Magazine


"Those guys got it together. Michael Bisping took to me like a brother from the first time I met him. He and [Paul] Anthony were very hospitable towards me when I first came to the UK. I feel like Wolfslair can make me go farther than I have been; I'm really excited about being able to travel there to train. The guys on the team, they like to laugh and joke around but they train hard and that's me, that's what I like to do. What better team to join than one called Wolfslair? I'm a werewolf. It was my destiny. People don't understand destiny but I do. Wolfslair is the most perfect team for me."

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson reveals that trainer Juanito Ibarra has officially resigned (on amicable terms) and that "Rampage" has joined Michael "The Count" Bisping at the UK's Wolfslair Fight Team. In addition to fight preparation, Wolfslair will also handle all of Jackson's MMA-related business endeavors.

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