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Akihiro Gono will send English fans home in tears after he beats Dan Hardy at UFC 89

Akihiro Ghono


"I am sorry for Dan Hardy's fans, because I think the English are cool people, but I will be sending them home in tears after I beat him. This is the first UFC which has been shown in Japan for a while and I don't want to let the Japanese fans down, like Hardy doesn't want to let his English fans down. But beating Hardy in England will be great and I am working very hard in the gym to make that happen. To be honest I've never see him fight. I don't know too much about him. I read somewhere he likes to stand and fight, has a hard left hook and is preparing for this fight in the USA. I am more experienced than he is, but he is eight years younger. I tried to get footage of his fights and it was difficult, but I know there are some on YouTube which I will be watching. I understand from reading about him he is an exciting fighter, and so I am, so this will be a great fight. My goal is to become the UFC welterweight champion of the world. I won my first UFC fight last November –- now I have to beat Hardy."

Akihiro Gono is ready to spoil the Octagon debut of Dan Hardy -- a top British welterweight
prospect -- in front of his hometown fans at UFC 89: "Bisping vs. Leben" at The National Indoor Arena (NIA) in Birmingham, England, on October 18. Unfortunately for us fans stuck watching the event of Spike TV and other networks, the bout is slated for the under card, which means that it is not guaranteed to air on the tape-delayed telecast. That's too bad ... this should be a very exciting match up between two talented fighters who could make some big waves real soon in the crowded 170-pound division.

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