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Kenny Florian: 'People are still doubting me'

kenny florian


"I wouldn’t be surprised if I went out there and knocked out Joe Stevenson in the first 10 seconds and they were like, ‘Kenny got lucky, and he still has to prove himself; he’ll never beat Sean Sherk or B.J. Penn, and Tyson Griffin’s a better fighter.’.. For whatever reason, people are still doubting me. It’s normal."

Even with five straight wins -- and likely no need to take a fight anytime soon because he's emerged as the top contender in the lightweight division -- Florian still doesn't feel the love. In fact, even if he scores a knockout over Joe Stevenson at UFC 91 in Portland, Ore., on November 15, Florian still feels the doubters will remain. Maybe he needs a tattoo (sarcasm).

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